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 The General Chat Thread

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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Fri Jul 27, 2012 3:35 pm

But we're both here now! Very Happy I'll have to go kind of soon, though. Dx Anyway, what have you been up to? It's been kind of a while since we last chatted, I think. :<
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:08 pm

Are you still here?
Anyway, not much. ^^ Supposed to be cleaning my room, but refusing. You?
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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:29 am

I seriously need to come here more often. :< In other news, I feel all guilty because I wish that Basey would have just stayed suspended... :/
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:32 am

Ugh... yeah. But I guess the drama's all pretty much dying out, so let's hope she leaves us alone.
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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:00 am

That's a miracle! xD Yeah, let's hope. I just can't help but think that with her, there will be future fights. I think she's just very... antagonistic. :/ And I must admit, while everything I've said about her, like how I find her rude, I still believe is true... I'm kind of jealous of her, because she is more intelligent, creative, and popular than I am. I feel so dumb and worthless when she's around, and I honestly feel like if we're ever both around, she tries to outdo me. I just feel stupid. I already kind of feel like the clown... I'm dorky, awkward, and it seems like funny is how people usually describe me. I know that I'm being stupid, and that's meant as a compliment, but... I really am Wheatley. *Sigh*
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:46 pm

I'm here, Rosie. ^^
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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:52 pm

I'm really pissed off right now. Basey picked a fight with me again, and now I think she's ruining my friendship with Bramia. Basey told her to go to Lily's, so I assume she talked crap about me too her. I feel like Bramia is ignoring me now. What should I do...?
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Sun Aug 12, 2012 2:56 pm

I don't know, Rosie... -sigh-
I guess you should just avoid BC. I mean, don't let her push you around, but don't bring old fights back up or anything... idk. Dx
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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:01 pm

I've tried... But on Jei's thread, she started a random argument with Oak, and I just told them to take it elsewhere, because Jei's thread would get moved or deleted. She starting acting like a jerk, of course. But I don't even really care about that... I just want my friendship with Bramia back.
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:11 pm

Just... act like things are normal with Bramia, I guess? If you act really suspicious/uncomfortable or treat her like you're 100% sure that they've been talking about you on Lily's, then things will just get awkward. Maybe? I really don't know what to tell you here, but I'm pretty sure acting on your suspicion that she's been turning people against you will make things worse.
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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:18 pm

I'm just saving this here:

Quote :
A young girl silently stalked through the the thick trees of the forest. She carried a small, hand carved, stone dagger and wore a brown deerskin top that covered her chest down to her waist. Her brown shorts were also made of deer skin and she had a leather belt wrapped around her waist which had small pockets that could hold berries or medicine leaves and a sheath for her dagger. Her dark brown hair was tied up in the back and her blue eyes remained focused and alert.

Rays of sunshine seeped through the treetops, creating patterns of light and shadow on the forest floor. Footsteps that were supposed to be quiet, and desperately were trying best to be so, made instead loud crunching noises as they walked along, melting the dewdrops dangling delicately at the ends of grass blades. Wheatley looked around with wide eyes. Everything was so foreign, and it was overwhelming. There was no metal in sight. It was all unnatural, some of this stuff he had heard of before, but seeing it was just so unreal. There were other things he saw that he was so unsure what they were. He hoped that some place here, the Surface, would be more like Aperture; but only in terms of looks, of course, he was happy to escape the tyranny of that place. He might have been scared, and yet, for the first time ever, he was actually free.

Blythe heard loud crunching noises and stumbling through the woods. They were far too loud to be any animal she knew of and they sounded as if they were unsure where they were or where to go. She looked around, dagger ready and muscles tense. She quickly climbed up a tree to the lowest branch that could support her weight.

At hearing some scuffling, Wheatley stiffened. Oh God, what would the creatures here be like? He'd heard of some harmless, but then some absolutely terrible, deadly. His heart sank at the thought of this being a bear. He'd heard of those. He hoped to never meet one in his life, except if it couldn't hurt him, like if it was behind a cage, maybe, or on the telly. Gulping, knowing that he had to say something, he called out, "H-hello? Is... is anyone there? I heard something, just wondering if anybody is around, because, ha, you know, would be nice to find another person! Except if you're hostile. Please, please, do not be, because, um, well, there really is no reason to be. Promise. I mean, yes, I know, you have no reason whatsoever to trust me, but... it would be very nice if you did. I'm completely harmless, really. Unarmed, in fact, er, uh-oh, shouldn't have mentioned that, should I."

Blythe listened to the voice in the near distance. "It's a person!" she whispered quietly to her self. She never talked to many other people so even her own voice sounded somewhat foreign to her. She looked around, spotting the person where the voice came from. He was taller and older than she was, but he did not look dangerous, so if it came down to it, she could escape unharmed. She jumped down the tree and landed on her feet. "Hello?" she called out, walking toward the man.

He let out a yelp at the sudden movement. "Oh, ha, wow, look at you, you're, ah... fantastic! Looking fantastic, actually, that's what I was going to say, yep, just, uh, lost my, you know, lost my train of thought. Didn't scream for any reason! I mean, no, not any important reason, just - just you surprised, me is all. Anyway... hello!" He put on a dorky, nervous grin. "Oh, and uh, sorry, rude, should have mentioned before, the name's Wheatley, nice to meet you." He outstretched his hand. "And what's your name?"

The fair skinned girl looked at his hand and blinked at it. She didn't return the favor. "What's it to you? More importantly, what's one of your kind doing here in the forest? Here to take me away?" Her eyes were cold as she stared him down.

"Ha, my kind? W-what do you mean by that?" His arms went to the side, shoulders slumped up a bit, in kind of like an innocent shrug. His awkward smile remained; perhaps even deepened. "No, I'm just, uh... around, you know, just kind of, um, well, lost, in all honesty, never been around these parts. Just kind of wandering. Looking for food a bit, actually, I am absolutely starving, I've just kind of been looking for, well, whatever I can find, really."

"You know. City living folk." she grunted. Blythe looked him up and down. "There's a reason why people like you should stay where they belong. You could die out here you know? And since you have no hunting or gathering instincts in less than an hour by doing something stupid like eating poisonous berries, or digging through snake holes." She sort of chuckled at the thought of the man stumbling through the forest, causing his own death. “You'll be dead in less than an hour.”

Wheatley began to chew at his lip and flush at the thought of encountering a snake, because, oh man, he'd heard of those, and he knew they were nasty, big trouble, those ones were. Or berries, he'd eaten some, but he had no idea what he were. He'd forgotten Watson's warning that some could be poisonous. "B-but, no, wait, you're confused, luv! I'm not from the city, really, I'm not. I'm from... um, well, that part is kind of a long story, actually, won't go into all that, and don't tell me to go on because just trust me on this one, please, you did that first time it was okay so think about that. I'd only confuse you if I tried to explain, and quite frankly I don't want to get into it all. Anyway, though, um, no, since I am not from the city, I'm uh, obviously, not going to be taking you there. But gosh, are you all alone? I mean, if so, and even if you're not, really, you'd probably be better off going there. I mean, it is bloody dangerous in these parts."

Blythe groaned and rolled her eyes. "You talk way too much!!" She fiddled her dagger between her fingers. "Besides, I know how dangerous it can get around here. I've lived here for as long as I can remember. Finding shelter and never staying in one place too long. Gathering my own food and learning the hard way what was safe to eat and what isn't. What's your excuse?" she snorted.

Wheatley glanced at Blythe's dagger, and tried to hold back a shiver, but failed to at least a few times. "S-sorry, just a habit, can't — can't help that, really, if I'm honest, but just, anyway, um, moving on, right. Well, okay, that's all okay and everything, just, I do think it would most certainly be beneficial for you to go someplace safer. I mean, no matter how much experience you've got, or whatever, you know, it's still a dangerous place. But, um, I digress, er... excuse? Um, yes, right, you see, I'm on a mission, kind of. It's part of where I'm from and all that, can't really explain, would just be a confusing disaster and it's kind of supposed to be a secret thing anyway. Apologies, really, and I doubt telling you would be an issue or anything, just, have to be sure and all, and I have orders to follow, but that's all you'll get out of me on the matter."

Blythe looked away off into the trees. "What's there for me at the city? Corruption? Fake food? No thanks.”

A woman clothed in animal skins, with her hair held back in a ponytail, grabbed her bow-and-arrow and rushed out of her cave home. She kept her arrows in a large cube, grey with pink hearts on its sides. It was far too bulky, and despite the hearts, giving it an almost childish appearance, it was from a dark time, and brought back memories of it. Still, she had nothing else to use as a quiver, so it would have to do. She had it tied to her back, and it was a heavy load. Once she spotted some kind of prey — a bird in flight — she shot at it, and it hit.

"Well, I wouldn't say so, no, not exactly. Fake food? Ha, it's not, really, it is very real, I can assure you that, I mean... of what I know of the place, never have actually been there, but oh, God, would I love to. Sounds absolutely fantastic, must better than this dump. Er... n-no offense, just a matter of opinion, and all that, depends on tastes and such. I guess the food to you here would be normal, wouldn't it? Yeah, guess it would, I mean, I've actually had city food, though, like I said, never actually been there, it's just been provided for me. To me, I mean, the stuff you eat, just, is not supposed to be food, kinda gross to me. Though, I'd eat it if I had no choice. I mean, say some animal that is, um, I suppose edible, perhaps arguably, however, just fell from the sky, yeah, I'd eat it." A bird, with an arrow stuck into it, fell just right beside him. "Um, well, okay! That works. Yeah, that — that definitely works, with me, just completely fine, if I'm honest. Should say stuff like that more often, like, you know, hypothetical things, and maybe it'll come true! Except, no, no, not really because I do that plenty and it doesn't work. But hey, I'm wasting time!" His hunger became more evident as he grabbed the bird quickly, his eyes practically wild, with even a glint of possessiveness. He really hoped Blythe would not try to take this bird from him, because if she did, well, he couldn't really fight back. She had a weapon, he did not.

Blythe instinctively leaped back when the bird fell down. When Wheatley picked it up, she looked at him with a crazed look on her face. "What are you doing! You don't just pick up random dead animals off the ground! Especially one that's been shot! That means..." She quickly looked around. And held her dagger in a strike position. "We could be on some villages territory. Or some crazy loner who won't appreciate having their catch taken."

"Excuse me, I'm not crazy." Chell stepped out to where these two people could see her. She had been eavesdropping for a while, and did that man talk too much. Normally, she'd just be amused, probably mocking as well in her mind. But this person, he was different. He was too familiar. She had never seen him before in her life. But he sounded exactly like him... her former captor. It wasn't just the voice; that familiar British accent, but no, how he talked, the stupid rambling. She could just hear his voice in her head, that horrific moment, when he said to her in such a disturbingly cheerful tone, "Hello! This is the part where I kill you!" But she had not shown fear on her face. The whole time she had been at that hellhole, her expression remained one of determination. Snapping back to the present, she said, "But she is right that I don't appreciate you taking my food." She took a step towards him, eyes narrowed. The scared look on his face almost made her feel a bit sorry for him... but not quite. Even if he wasn't from around here, wherever he came from, it should be common logic that an arrow in a bird would mean somebody shot it for themselves. "I'll give you one chance to just give it back to me, right now. I won't hurt you. However, if push come to shove..." She glanced back at her arrows, and his teeth began to chatter.

Blythe felt almost suffocated when this new strange woman showed up. The only reason she stayed away from villages was because she was an extreme introvert. Too many people scared her; especially strangers. But she tried desperately to keep her face calm. She could easily pummel Wheatley, but this new stranger looked far stronger and more intelligent than she was. Her only possible escape from her would probably be to run, and even still, she might not get away without a few scars or a broken bone. It would be in her best interest not to show any weakness. "Let's not get to violent here," she said, trying to keep her voice leveled and her eyes off of the ground. "He didn't know any better, he's just a city dweller. He gets his food prepackaged." She tried to keep her voice light to avoid any confrontation.

"Look, I'm not seeking a fight or anything." She shrugged. "Though considering the fact we've got a kid here and some guy with absolutely no muscle, and I could easily beat you two into the dust, I very much prefer to not get my hands dirty. I would really rather there be no conflict here, so I just thought I'd... say that, make things clear. So please, just hand over the stupid bird. I can see it in your eyes you know I'd kick your ass hard. Let's just make things better for us all, okay?"

Wheatley slowly nodded, and handed her the prey. He kept staring at it longingly, pathetically. He was so hungry... He would be a moron to not give her back what she got, though, and he was most certainly not that. Anyway, he wasn't a thief! Only now was he thinking about just what this hunger was doing to him. He needed to get food, and fast. He was a good guy — or supposed to be one, at least. Despite the fact that it felt like a giant hand had scooped up the inside of his stomach, he would remain civil. "N-not... a city person, by the way." He mumbled. "Just felt like making that clear."

Blythe's eyes hardened at the stranger calling her a "kid". "Excuse me, but could a kid survive on their own in the wild." Immediately, she knew that it was probably not the best thing to say. Her mouth got here in the biggest of trouble sometimes. "Look, I don't want to be involved in any of this..."

"Whatever. As far as I'm concerned, you're a kid. Or at least, you sure look like one. Apologies if you'll just really freaking short. Either way, though, I don't really care. I just want to get on with my business, and you can run along with yours." She glanced back at the man, and couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for that look on his face. He was obviously completely helpless, having absolutely no idea what the heck he was doing, and might very likely starve to death out here. Still, the familiarity of his voice would never fail to give her the creeps. She sighed. "Okay, listen up. You had better be thankful that I'm in a pretty good mood today. I'm going to give you a bit of sympathy. Follow me, and I'll show you how to hunt for your own food." His expression brightened instantly, and he made a movement like he was about to hug her, but stopped, probably realizing hugging someone who was practically a complete stranger to him would be really weird. "Th-thank you," he settled with saying simply, as he looked down sheepishly.

"Er.." Despite the fact that Blythe doesn't even know either of them, she did not trust this strange lady. At all. She looked as if she'd like to kill Wheatley, but was reluctant for some reason. "Why do you care," she murmured to herself, but she straightened up anyway. "I think I'll go with you guys. I was moving on anyway. I don't stay in one place for too long."

“Uh... Well, okay, that's fine, I guess." Chell couldn't help but blink in surprise. "Just don't think we're making a little team here or anything, okay? After this, we're all going our separate ways." Secretly, Chell was kind of glad this girl decided to come with them. She had no intention of looking after her, or anything like that. Chell wasn't going to play mommy for anyone, that was for sure. And while she did seem capable of taking care of herself, she was still young, and anything could happen. Still, just a moment safer for her would probably be good. "Oh, and what are your names, by the way?"

Blythe let out a small exhale of relief that she didn't question any further. "No problem....and my name is Blythe." Immediately after saying her own name, she felt her heart begin to swell. She hadn't even heard her own name for at least 8 years.

"I'm W — ..." He stopped himself. He was staring this woman right in the face. And something about her was eerily familiar. This place was not far from Aperture. It could be her. He would not take any risks. "W-Willis, that's my, uh, my name, Willis." He desperately hoped that Blythe would not remember that he had introduced himself to her as Wheatley, or if she did, that she would not say anything. If this could truly be her, Wheatley wondered what her reaction might be. He wondered if she would forgive him, believe his apology. Then again, he might have to first ask himself if he believed it. Would she even think it was him? She'd at least have to be suspicious. He sounded, acted like him, and then the name would be icing on the cake, no reference to Her Majesty's lies intended. At the mention of his name, he saw a look of relief wash over her face. She had been awfully tense before. This made him wonder even more if she could possibly be her.

Blythe looked at Wheatley. He was a terrible liar, and she definitely knew his name was not Willis. But she shrugged off and kept walking a little toward the back of the group. Whatever was going on between these two, she did not want to be a part of. "So, are we going any particular place?" she asked, changing the subject,and chewing on some medicine leaves that she left in her belt to calm her nervous stomach.

"No, not really." She looked around. Her voice dropped to a whisper. "Just keep quiet. Don't move. Look for something to catch." For a moment, there was just silence. Then Chell heard some slight noise, and and instantly, but silently, she whipped out and arrow, and shot at the squirrel, killing it. She glanced at Willis. "Oh, right, you don't really have any kind of weapon... I guess we should start with that. Well, I made this bow myself, so I can show you how to make one as well."

Blythe nodded. Though she didn't stick around for the bow lesson. Making a bow would be easy. Teaching this city-dweller how to use it...that would be a challenge. Besides, her dagger was far more suited for close range attacks, so she usually used the wait and strike method or captured animals using handmade nets out of tree vines. However, her energy was draining and she didn't feel like tying or waiting to strike. "I'll go look for some berries or nuts." she said.

"Okay, so you're going to need to find a stick, obviously, of about one meter in length, I'd say is about right. Needs to be dry, but not dead or gray, can't be cracking, either. Also has to be free of knots, twists, or limbs. And something that curves when you release arrows, so the string won't slap the side of your hand. That really hurts." Willis was staring at her in wonder, like she was amazing, knew so much.
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Hatty Tat Cat

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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:04 am

Eh, I'm just going to have to save this here:

Quote :
▲: unknownOther [UO] began trolling intelligenceDampener [ID] (I would love if you'd just give this a chance. c:)
▼: (Nrgh. My OC is a fankid.)
▼: .
▲: ID: Oh, hello there! Th-the name's Wheatley. It's a pleasure to meet you, ma — well, I assume it is, I don't really know yet. Either way, who are you?
▲: (That's all right. Razz)
▼: CP: "Uh, it's Cyril. How'd you get my chumhandle if you don't even know who I am."
▲: ID: Oh, well, about that, ha... I'm a bit of a hacker, and I guess you could say an expert, if I'm honest, and that's kind of, you know, how... how I did it. I just kind of needed somebody else to talk to, since my best friend kind of, uh, blocked me and all. That will be temporary, though, he gets mad — and forgives — really easily, that's all. It happens often.
▼: CP: "Holy shit, Wheatley. Your best friend blocked you, and you hacked your way to my handle. You seem to imply that you have only one friend, and your handle is intelligenceDampener."
▼: CP: "You sound like you're just all kinds of hot shit."
▲: ID: Ahem, first of all, about the name, that... I didn't actually pick that or anything. My, er, boss, yeah, we'll go with boss, actually did it for me, made the account and all that. And no, I do not only have one friend, d-don't just assume things, my other friends just aren't signed up here, that's all! I mean, let's see, I've got Watson, and, ah... Chell, she's my friend, yes, Chell. There's also Te — er, on second thought, no, I wouldn't want to be friends with Teddy, he's a creep. There's also... Rick! Kind of, we're kind of friends, it's kind of like a rivalry thing going on. Also... oh, come on, I don't have to list all of my friends to prove anything to a stranger, who is completely rude, I might add. I have too many friends to name, anyway.
▲: ID: Oh, and the hacking, about the hacking, that is impressive stuff! I'd like to see you try.
▼: CP: "We've all got our skills, and hacking isn't one of mine, Wheatley. My abilities to attract friends also seems to be negligible when compared to your own. But I don't need to list them off for you to know just how embarrassing the list is."
▼: CP: "Anyway, do you need something, or are you just here for idle chit-chat?"
▲: ID: My — my lists not embarrassing! Half of the people around this bloody place wouldn't even be worth my time, anyway. And what exactly is so wrong with hacking? Also, I-I must say, Cyril, I highly doubt you have a lot of friends, considering how much of an ass you're acting like to me. God, I mean, great first impression, you seem like someone lots of people would want to hang around, especially right away, really! As for your question... yes, I suppose I am, considering I'm on a break, with nothing better to do with my time. Normally I would be working, of course.
▼: CP: "Damn. Don't be an ass to people.. It's just so simple, I can't even get my mind around it. It's like firing a bullet out of a canon. Just doesn't fuckin' work right. Anyway, as the master of social etiquette, would you mind telling me where you work, and how I can sign up? I plan on emulating you of course. It's the only way to save myself crippling social shame."
▲: ID: You're calling ME the ass? You insulted me! As for where I work, I can't te — it's, it's classified information, basically, yes, that is exactly what it is, actually.
▼: ".. No, I'm like, restating your advice. Like a realizations. But really, you are being an ass. Won't even tell me where you work. What kinda etiquette is that, anyway?"
▼: CP:**
▲: ID: Oh, whatever, I'm just, I-I'm done with putting up with this "clever" crap of yours. In quotations because you aren't actually clever, obviously. If I told you where I work, Her Majesty would probably finally loose her patient with me, and BAM, bye-bye, tiny little Wheatley!
▲: ID: ...Oops.
▼: CP: "Her Magesty, huh? Wheatley, are you hittin' that?"
▼: CP: "That Magesty?"
▼: CP: "And her choice ass?"
▼: CP: "C'mon."
▼: CP: "I know she can't resist the Wheatley charm."
▲: ID: Oh my GOD, no!
▼: CP: "No need to lie."
▲: ID: Look, I am p-retty sure she is asexual, anyway — apologies for the interruption, but I just have to say real quick, because it just, you-you know, happened to come to my mind and I just kind of say everything that comes to my mind the moment that it does, I don't know why, it's just a habit I suppose, but to the point, which is not the point, really, but, just... wow, this is perhaps the most awkward conversation that I have ever had, which is saying a lot, seriously. But back to the real point, if she isn't asexual, then she sure is, for one, pure, and I'm poisonous, admittedly, and secondly, she probably hates me more than anyone else around this place, which really, that is saying a ton. Also, there's kind of the fact that she is so high up, and then I'm, uh, well, not exactly high, but of course, not low, b-but...
▼: CP: "So, what.. Like, hatesex?"
▼: CP: "That's some kinky shit right there. High-ranking executive getting with the printer jockey."
▲: ID: No, that's what I just said, I'm not into that thing, honest!
▼: CP: "The printers' jammed again. Better get the Boss-lady in here to have a look at it."
▼: CP: "You're such a liar."
▲: ID: That is really just disgusting, because, though I really hate to say this, I shouldn't and all, she'd have me electrocuted for everyone to see if she knew I'm about to say this, even though she knows anyway, and she won't find out I said this, but still, I... I really just do not like her, as in, at all! There, I said it, I mean, stuffing her into a potato might have been a little bit harsh... or-or maybe not, considering what she did, but I wasn't much better. I suppose.
▲: bendingSteel [BS] has joined the chat
▼: CP: "Holy shit, Wheatley. You are the kinkiest motherfucker I've ever talked to."
▲: BS: Ha, Wheatley, kinky?
▼: CP: "Haha, is this her? The boss lady with the awesome ass?"
▲: BS: ...I would do something really awesome to YOUR ass for calling me a woman, if I could.
▼: CP: "Whoa there. You're going to make me blush, if you keep along like that. You have to buy me dinner first, you know."
▲: BS: Crap, it's been so long since I've thought about sex that I didn't realize that could extremely easily be interpreted incorrectly. In fact, I don't think that it could even be seen as what I meant for it to mean.
▼: CP: "No, I think I know what you're thinking."
▼: CP: "And I really hate to say this, but my booty is on reserved seating only, okay? So back the fuck up, buy your ticket, sleep with the director, and you might get a shot at it next time."
▲: ID: You've... thought about sex before at all? Wow, I must say, Jer, that — that surprises me, I mean, you just do not at ALL seem like the type. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, or-or that I was implying anything, like, at all, like you aren't... good enough for sex, or anything like that, more like you just seem asexual to me.
▲: loveCologne [LC] has logged into the chat
▲: LC: Firstly, dude, quit trying to hit on Jerry! You'll ruin his totally adorable relationship with Wheatley that they both deny the existence of! Second, Jerry and Wheatley, stop pretending, bros. You probably have sex with each other, like, every single night.
▼: CP: "Who's hitting on who. He threatened to do awesome things to my ass."
▲: BS: What I meant is that I would kick your ass, which would probably be pretty awesome.
▲: LC: Jerry, stop, you know that isn't fair to Wheatley! You two are solid!
▲: ID: Neither of us are gay, Teddy! Would you quit spouting that out constantly? Seriously, it's like, like all the time, all that comes out of your mouth, that we are gay for each other. Which we are most certainly not! I am completely heterosexual, I can assure you, absolutely no denial here.
▼: CP: "Damn, I don't even know how to put a snarky spin on this, so let's just.."
▼: CP: "Wheatley, I'm with.. Teddy on this. You're gay, if you're not tapping that choice executive rump."
▲: ID: Just because I don't want to have sex with someone I that hate doesn't mean that I'm gay! Anyway, Her Majesty doesn't even have an ass!
▲: diskOperator [DO] has logged onto the chat
▲: DO: ...You know, moron, I never would have imagined that even someone like you would stoop so low as to start fantasizing about my nonexistent ass. You have now officially proved to me how much of a disgusting little pig you truly are. I already knew that, of course, but this is really a stretch.
▼: CP: "Holy shit, it's a goddamned intervention on Wheatley's sexuality. Proverbial booty and closets all around. We need roles. Okay, dissaproving asshole.. Supportive friend, Love interest in question, Third party love interest in question of a different sex.. And me, the mediator."
▼: CP: "Let's do this shit."
▼: CP: "Now, Wheatley, darling. We all know you like the booty. Right everybody?"
▼: CP: "But that's no excuse to start alienating your friends. It's not about the best booty. It's about the RIGHT booty."
▲: ID: You know, why — why am I even still here? I mean, you are ridiculously, p-pathetically childish!
▼: CP: "Guy's, he's spiraling! Group hug him, quick!"
▼: CP: "Aaaaauhggghhhh~! The love, Wheatley!"
▼: CP: "FEEL IT."
▲: LC: Jerry's booty is obviously the only one for him!
▲: ID: Teddy, just... shut up, will you? Also, who-who exactly even fill these "roles" that you are speaking of?
▲: (Just saying, your original character is great and this role-play is super fun. Very Happy You should feel good.)
▼: (Hhehe~ I do. You've got four Three OC's though, and your Wheatley is like.. Perfect~)
▲: (Eek, thank you. <3 I guess you're familiar with "Portal 2," then? Yay!)
▼: CP: "We do, Wheatley. Your friends. We all want what's best for you. So jump on that booty already. Look at poor Jerry there. He'd just begging for your hot printer-jockey body."
▼: (I am, haha~ I'm getting like, a human!stuck idea of them all, though.)
▲: BS: My days of hot ass are over now, considering the fact that I am, you know, kind of fifty-four. Anyway, I am hetero, and even if I wasn't, I would not be interested in Wheatley.
▲: (Ha, well, the stuff not having to do with canon is from my fan fiction, which all of these original characters are from as well. ^_^)
▼: CP: "An oldie but a goodie. Still, Jerry. Look at Wheatley. You never know what that guy might be packing."
▲: ID: No, no, what I mean is... how you gave those awfully specific roles, and all that. Who's who?
▲: ID: Like, sorry, not exactly clear, maybe, I don't know, but if it wasn't, what I mean is, you mentioned, for example, the "dissapproving asshole." Who would that be?
▼: "Teddy's the supportive friend, Jerry's the love interest, your boss is the other interest, what's-his-face is the disapproving one, and I'm the mediator."
▼: CP: "Yellow guy, I mean."
▲: DO: "Yellow guy" would be the "boss," actually.
▼: CP: ".. Holy shit I just.. Wow, this is so awkward, I can't think of anything to say except.."
▲: tenacityGoddess [TG] has longed into the chat
▲: ID: Oh, Chell, hey! How's it going, mate?
▲: BS: Eh, late response here, but no matter what he might be "packing," as you say, I remain pretty uninterested.
▼: CP: "Quiet, you. I'm more interested in these new booties than your own now. You lost your chance, Jerry."
▼: CP: "Tell me, Chell. Who's booty is better. Yours', or the boss-lady's?"
▲: TG: ...Excuse me?
▲: BS: Oh, wow, I believe I shall weep now. Woe is me indeed, for I don't get any ass. You all should feel dreadfully sorry for me.
▼: CP: "Jerry. Go away."
▼: CP: "Now, Chell~"
▼: CP: "No need to be coy~ It's a simple question.."
▲: BS: Fine. I have work to do, anyway.
▲: ID: Oh, uh, don't work too hard, Jer...
▲: (Jerry and Wheatley have the bromance. <3)
▲: TG: I refuse to answer your ridiculous question.
▼: CP: "Just what's so ridiculous about it? A guy needs to know this shit, alright?"
▲: TG: Actually, you don't need to know such information from a complete stranger. Anyway, you're trying to compare me to someone who doesn't even have a... rump, for lack of a better word. She's a robot, you know.
▲: ID: You should just completely ignore this person, Chell. Ho-honestly, he's like, a, a crazy person, complete freak! I don't mean to be rude, and maybe that was a little harsh, even if kind of true, I'm a completely polite person, as you know, and I wouldn't say that about many people, but... he is a complete weirdo and pervert.
▲: TG: I figured from the first thing that he said to me he that he is... odd. You certainly have your quirks too, though, even if quite different from what his seem to be, so I don't think you're in much of a situation to judge.
▲: announcerSoldier [AS] has joined the chat
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:58 pm

Oops, I'm posting more logs.

Quote :
▼: bwoop bwoop this is the ass police im gonna have to pull you over
▼: that junk in your trunk is ALL KINDS of illegal
▲: Oh my GOD, what did I do, officer? I don't have anything, I-I promise, whatever it is that's back there, I'm so sorry, and I can assure you that someone else had to have put it there, because it wasn't me, I don't do that kind of thing! Completely innocent here, I am, honest. Honesty, that's another one of my good traits, along with how I don't break the law. Ever. Seriously.
▼: damn way to be discreet
▼: i aint talking about your car sir
▲: Oh, that's right, I don't have a car...
▼: let me be more clear
▼: would you
▼: like a drink
▲: Oh, um... w-well, what drink are we talking about exactly? Because Jerry always tries to make me drink coffee with him and ugh, no matter how much cream, sugar, whatever, I put in it, little flavorings, you know, it's still nasty. Not a fan of wine, either, also have a friend who likes that, but uh... other than that anything's fine, I'm sure. By the way, thanks for the offer, awfully generous of you, just giving some random bloke a drink!
▼: you know what
▼: never mind

And then I got him again, and this happened:

Quote :
▼: bwoop bwoop this is the ass police im gonna have to pull you over
▼: that junk in your trunk is ALL KINDS of illegal
▲: You again? Why'd you cut off the drink deal? I was kind of looking forward to that, if I'm honest.
▼: fuck i should have recognized that fine rump
▼: i dunno you seemed adversed
▲: My, uh... wh-what now?
▼: your incessent rambling
▼: and avoid-the-question kind of ignorance
▼: seemed pretty intentional
▼: either that or youre seriously not all here
▼: maybe mind off somewhere else
▼: either way you seemed interested
▼: not interested
▼: i mean
▲: Sorry, just a bit of a habit, but... y-you no, and... NO, no, it wasn't avoiding the question, and entirely unintentional, the kind of... talking a lot think, you, you know, it's just natural, and I am being entirely serious. And no, I'm on a break, so my mind's not anywhere else, I mean, the only place my mind is in right now is my head. Ahaha!
▼: you sure you arent distracted by something
▼: you seem pretty damn nervous
▲: Thing, not think, sorry, said the wrong thing, from talking too fast, heh.
▼: unless of course youre being distracted by me
▼: then thats ok
▼: not many people can keep a clear mind when handling the strider biz
▼: names Ddave by the way
▼: and your name is
▲: Nervous? Ah, no, that's just kind of normal me, well — well, you know, not that I am nervous or anything, as in, like, well, no, it's really just talking a lot, makes me seem nervous, but... but I'm not, I'm entirely focused, and not nervous, and confident because I should be because I'm... quite brilliant in a lot of ways, honestly. And I'm also interested. But anyway, name, yes, name, the name's Wheatley. Hello!
▼: hello wheatley
▼: thats quite the name
▼: makes me think of cereal to be honest
▼: and dont take that the wrong way
▼: cereal is pretty damn sweet
▼: favourite meal of the day
▲: Yes, quite unique, I suppose you could say, but nothing wrong with that, of course, I mean, if you ask me... I think it's a good name, I like it, wouldn't want any other name, because it's... it's just my name, you know? Like, if someone was calling me like, "Hey, Steve, get over here!" well, for one, I wouldn't know he was even talking about me, since my name is not Steve, but say I did know, like I eventually figured out he meant me, I would think, oh, that's kind of weird, my name isn't Steve and so that would just be... odd. Do you understand my point?
▲: And oh, that's fine, not taking it the wrong way or anything, it's fine, hah.
▼: i do indeed understand
▼: like if someone were to start calling me sexy by name
▼: shit hold on im already used to that
▼: i should think of a better example
▲: What exactly is going on here?
▲: Oh, Jer, hello!
▼: woah hello there
▲: This is, uh, Dale, I think, or something... something like that. Dale, I think that's your name, anyway, assuming, this is Jerry. Shake hands, say hello, that whole thing!
▼: dave
▲: I don't shake people's hands.
▼: i dont either
▲: Oh, come on Jer, don't... oh, well, fine, whatever. And Dave, DAVE, sorry 'bout that then, mate!
▼: looks like weve come to an understanding
▼: an thats fine wheatley
▲: Understanding of... of what, exactly, what do you mean now?
▼: neither jerry nor i shake hands
▼: we have an understanding
▼: whatever
▲: Oh... okay, that, right, okay, I see.
▼: so what brings you fine men out on this slightly coldish sunny day
▲: Actually, no. We do not have an understanding, because I barely know you.
▼: just trying to be friendly, jerry
▲: Well, for me, I'm just kind of on a break from, you know, the job, and about Jerry, I don't know, he can tell his story, uh, probably just also on a break, eheh, and uh... yeah, Dave, he's not much for friendly, just so you know, a bit of a warning, but he's not too bad of a guy, honest, just get to know him and don't get on his bad side. Then again, that's kind of unavoidable.
▲: Actually, Wheatley, I came to bring you back. I never said you could have a break. You keep making up these imaginary "breaks."
▼: my kinda break then
▼: whelp
▼: maybe i should let you guys get back to work
▲: Well, well, weeeell, what's going on here, hmm? Who is this lovely baby that I do not yet know?
▲: Dave, run.
▲: Run as far and fast as you can.
▼: hm oh the names dave
▲: Helloooo, Davey. The name's Teddy. Pleasure to meet you, sir!
▲: God, not this guy...
▼: pleasure is all mine
▲: No, no, just ignore him, trust me, you do not want to be associated with this... extremely strange and flamboyant and odd and honestly kind of pushy... person.
▼: i already associate with many of the kind
▲: No, I don't think you understand, seriously.
▼: chill wheatley
▼: relax
▼: people are people, sorry if im talking about you like youre not here teddy
▲: He's just kind of nervous around me and stuff because I'm trying to help him accept his sexuality, but he denies it. Don't know why. I keep trying to tell him, Wheatley, if you're gay, it's ok.
▲: Nah, that's all right, Davey, I get it all the time.
▼: shit that explains a lot
▲: He's a person, yes, but just a very, incredibly... oh, you know what, never mind.
▲: Yes, there, SEE!
▼: you arent gay wheatley
▲: Exactly, yes.
▼: that was more of a question
▼: not even slightly bicurious
▼: i couldda sworn you musta been, no offence
▲: Lies! Do not believe his fibs, it isn't true, he's just in denial! And I have no idea why, honestly, he should just accept it, but seriously, get to know him better and it's just so obvious in every single way. Especially with what goes on with him and Jeeeerryyyyy...
▼: woah now i feel real awkward
▲: Oh, question, well, then the answer is actually no, I most certainly am NOT gay, as you probably picked up from, you know, what I've been saying, denying it. But I'm denying it because it really is not true. And also, Jerry and I are also not, just... ah, no, no, not like that at all, no. And also I am not even slightly bicurious, to answer your question, and, uh... none taken, I suppose.
▼: aight that explains a bit
▼: dude if you feel like that then you should probably start acting in
▲: Really, it is best to just disregard every single thing that Teddy says.
▼: it*
▼: i can make up my own opinions thank you
▲: I-I do not act gay, I seem completely straight, because I am!
▼: dude i was hitting on you
▲: Just some advice from someone who knows the guy a lot better than you do.
▼: because i thought you were into it
▲: You... what, no you weren't, you weren't hitting me, that's not true.
▲: If you hit me, I'd probably be crying, to be entirely truthful.
▼: i know how to back off but damn
▼: wait crying
▼: crying
▼: craaaap you know what i have this appointment i should probably be getting to
▲: Yes, people beat me up a lot and you didn't do that, because like I said, you didn't hit me, but anyway, yeah, people beat me up... uh, often, admittedly, like I said, and when they do, I usually cry.
▼: wow
▼: ok
▼: yeah i have an appointment
▲: Late here, but by the way, you should actually ignore Jerry. Only a suggestion, but I mean, like, just ignore when he says not to listen to me. I'm cool and right and he knows it.
▲: He's also gay, and I try to tell him, and he's in denial too. Again, absolutely no idea why.
▲: So are you ever going to buy me that drink...? Sorry, just wondering.
▼: dude
▼: i think im going to pass on that drink
▼: sorry
▲: Aw, that's okay, I understand and all.
▲: Wheatley, you moron, don't just accept anything from strangers. Especially because I can see where this guy was probably going with that...
▼: i wasnt kidding when i said i was hitting on you
▼: jerry knows whats going on
▼: anyway
▼: should
▼: probably
▼: get going
▲: Aw, Jerry's jealous! That's cute. You tell 'im, man, back away from Wheatley, he's Jerry's bro. Well, more than bro.
▼: haha i getcha teddy
▲: No, Teddy, not more than bro really, but uh... yes, don't want to hold you up, but you really did not hit me, but anyway, uh, yes, goodbye!
▲: (This was great, and you should feel good.)
▼: ((thank you XD))
▼: ((that was beautiful))
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Mon Dec 24, 2012 3:35 am

Quote :
▲: intelligenceDampener [ID] has entered the chat room (I would love if you would at least give this a chance. ^^Wink
▼: bifocalCurious [BC] has entered the chat room
▼: BC: hello?
▲: ID: Hello there! Nice to meet you, whoe — well, well, okay, I guess I don't know if it's nice to meet you yet, ha, but I'll assume, hope, anyway. What's your name? Oh, and by the way, just to let you know, since I asked for yours, I don't mind giving mine first and some people prefer the other person to give their name first, but not me, so... yeah, like I said, I don't mind, I'll just give mine, I should just get to it already: Wheatley, it's Wheatley. Hey! Again, heh.
▼: BC: hehe, whoa there pal. im chilled beans i assure you.
▼: BC: my name's jela
▼: BC: nice to meet you wheatley.
▲: ID: Jela, okay, Jela, it seems nice to meet you! Chilled beans? Funny thing to say. In like, the good way, though! And hmm, Jela, anyway, Jela... interesting name, unique. But I like it, you know, also in the good way, like "chilled beans," it's different like mine! And I have a good name. I think. I like it, anyway, and I also like your name.
▼: BC: thanks, your name's pretty cool too. very chilled beans.
▼: BC: so what brings you about pal?
▲: ID: Oh, just, you know, on a break for my job, so... just something to do, pass the time, since I don't, don't have anything better to do, really. By the way, do you mind asking me what your species is? Robot, I would, you know, I would assume, but just thought I'd ask anyway.
▼: BC: ah i know what you mean, being on the job is killer.
▼: BC: as for my species i just so happen to be human.
▼: BC: do i sound like i'd be a robro?
▲: ID: Oh, human, wow! That's a surprise... n-not, not for any particular reason, or anything like that, of course, like... well, what I mean is just I'm more used to talking to more robots, since I myself am one, you might have guessed. Anyway, jobs, as for jobs since we mentioned that, to start conversation, what is your job then?
▼: BC: huh, not every day i meet a robro. but me? i mostly work as an artist; you know, painting and the like.
▼: BC: tough stuff believe it or not. what do you do?
▲: ID: Oh, art, interesting, fascinating stuff! Let me tell you, my daughter enjoys painting, she's fantastic... well, okay, I'm her father and all, okay, so I'm biased, but still, it's sweet so, that's quality in my mind, the thought that counts and all that. But as for my job, oh, not too much, just on the nanobot work crew, kind of a cleaning job, I-I suppose you could say, bloody important, though, even if it doesn't seem like it. The reason robots like me do the job and not the higher-ups, is really because it's important, the higher-ups don't have to do the hard work.
▼: BC: aww you got a little one? she must be wonderful, send her a hello on my part yeah?
▲: ID: Yes, I do... and she is, absolutely perfect, for me anyway, even if it was kind of a... mistake, but then, it kind of wasn't, but, well, it was, it-it, oh, well, you know what I mean. Hopefully. Like, it all turned out. I hadn't exactly meant for her to be my daughter or anything, but she just. Became that anyway. But yes, not sure she'll understand, ha, pretty little, barely understands me a lot of times when I talk to her, or if she does she just doesn't listen but... yes, of course!
▼: BC: i gotcha cheif. and i know what you mean about those 'higher-up' fellas. they get the easy stuff because they're too slow to understand real work. hardimen, you guys are. doing the job justice and all.
▼: BC: right respectable i should think.
▲: ID: Yes, yes, exactly right, that's, that... yes! Aha, sorry, bit of a little outburst there, suppose you could say, just sort of, hmm, passionate about this whole thing, I suppose, very upset about it. The position I'm in. I don't deserve it, I really only have it like this because my, uh, boss, we'll go with the term boss, that works, my boss, she put me in my tough job pretty much just because she has a grudge on me. Even though I am perfectly capable, of — of better things, basically.
▼: BC: oh i feel you buddy. i say you can't be letting your boss lady get you down ya know? fight for what you know you deserve. and if you gotta put up with her shit then put up with it knowing that you're right man.
▼: BC: bosses aren't nothing but titles.
▲: ID: Yeah, that's true... Titles mean a lot around here, though, but, but you have a point with the whole, put up with it knowing I'm right, and all that.
▲: bendingSteel [BS] has logged into the chat room
▼: BC: oh hey new person. c:
▼: BC: whats shakin'?
▲: ID: Oh, JJer, aha... hello. What are you doing on here? Surprised, not your kind of thing, usually, it seems, anyway, I imagine you'd be working. Not that — that I'm saying, oh, you're slacking off, he's slacking off, or anything like that, just that, you always seem to be working. Like, no breaks. But it's like, you know, what you choose to do.
▲: BS: Actually, I came to ask you who the hell said you could have a "break."
▼: BC: oh hey you know them? you a pal of wheatley's?
▼: BC: JJer yeah?
▲: BS: Yes, we know each other. No, we're not "pals." And... no, my name is not "JJer." It's Jerry.
▼: BC: oh i see. my mistake, chilled beans man.
▲: BS: Chilled... what?
▼: BC: beans you know? like the protein plant? its an expression for something being 'all good'.
▼: BC: not really vintage but you know, pretty old.
▲: BS: Oh... whatever. Pardon, I am not exactly familiar with many slang terms. By the way, looking at the history of this chat, Wheatley, even if you think you're safe on the Internet, I wouldn't talk of Her Majesty or your position in the way you have.
▼: BC: wheats, whats he talking about?
▲: ID: Uh, well... okay, kind of long story short, I'm actually in kind of like this, this empire, of robots, and we've got this robot in charge who is our queen, really, basically, I referred to her as my boss, though technically Jerry is my boss in my job, whereas Her Majesty rules the whole place, and, uh, I have a really low rank around here, basically, like, in our ranking system, that we have, basically, like a caste, pretty much.
▼: BC: whoa. dude, thats so awesome! not the whole ranking thingy, but an empire of robots? like holy patoots!
▼: BC: you aren't shitting me are you?
▲: ID: Oh, no, w-well, I'm not, it is true...
▲: ID: Not exactly what I would call awesome, though, if — if I'm honest.
▼: BC: really? i mean, from what i know about you here, id like to think you robros are pretty cool!
▼: BC: well i mean you are.
▲: ID: Well, I am, and I mean, some of us are, but then others, most are just kind of... pushy and mean and like beating up the weak ones — there, yes, I said it, admit it, are you happy Jer? I'm weak — and we can't do anything about it because by our law, they're allowed to do whatever they please with us, seriously, anything, and it's just... mad, absolutely mad, and all wrong, seriously.
▼: BC: oh...oh man. i didn't know it was like that...thats messed up pal...
▼: BC: not chilled beans, actually its burnt beans if anything.
▼: BC: jerry, cut him some slack man.
▲: BS: I've never said our society is right. What he says is true — it's mad, and all wrong, in his words. I personally stick to calling it completely messed up, usually. I'll admit that I feel that way, and if I'm found out, I don't think I'll get in trouble because there's nothing I will do about it, because there's nothing I can do about it. We just have to deal with the way things are.
▼: BC: but...it just aint right. i know i said if you gotta deal with it accept it and blah blah blah, but this is completely different i think.
▼: BC: you guys gotta get yourselves a proper order or set this queen-lady straight.
▲: BS: But it isn't just that simple. A press of one button and she could have us all killed. Literally. There's no exaggeration when I say that. If you're lower ranked, you're either microscopic size, or have no hands. Not exactly fit to go against an army of androids, even if there are maybe a few less of the higher ranking robots, but even still, not by many. It's a risk that would just get so many of us killed, completely not worth it.
▼: BC: surely there are some of the bigger robros that agree with you right? couldnt they help? start a rebellion or sommat like that?
▲: BS: Well, technically, there is a resistance... but it's not much better than what we have now. Their plan is simply to overthrow the current empire to start their own. The tables would just be flipped, roles reversed, and that doesn't really solve anything at all. I mean, sure, there are a few robots with powerful, or at least slightly higher, positions that would be willing to help, but not enough to make a difference.
▼: BC: damn you all are in a pickle. i mean, if i could help you know i would even if im just a simple artis-
▼: BC: oh shit wait!
▼: BC: what about humans? what about us?
▼: BC: couldnt we do some stuff?
▲: BS: Humans? Ha! Hardly any of you left now, and those who are certainly aren't in any position to help us. The ones around our area are just being captured by our empire.
▲: (Might I ask if you are familiar with "Portal 2?" Nice original character, by the way. c:)
▼: (( oh! why thank you. and only to a small extent im afraid. i recognize the characters though. ))
▲: (You're welcome, and that's quite all right. Jerry is actually an original character, and pretty much — if not all of — the stuff that's been mentioned is from my dorky fan fiction. xD)
▼: (( i figured jerry might not be, i recognized wheatley right away though. also, i love this, the conversation is lovely c: ))
▲: loveCore [LC] has entered the chat room
▲: BS: God, not this guy...
▼: BC: huh?
▼: BC: hey digging the pink text. c:
▲: LC: Aw, shucks, thanks so much, darling! What might your name be?
▲: (Oops, sorry, that last post was supposed to be in pink. Dx)
▼: BC: hehe, im jela. oh wow, havent been called darling in a good minute. and yourself?
▲: LC: The name's Teddy! It's nice to meet you... darling. Tee-he.
▼: BC: ah no kidding!? favorite name, had a stuffed lion i called teddy. right fond of that name.
▼: BC: nice to meet you too.
▼: BC: ah jerry, he's a sweetie what gives?
▲: LC: Aw, that's so adorable!
▲: BS: Just wait for it...
▼: BC: ???
▲: LC: Aw, Jerry just pretends he doesn't like me because I'm always trying to help him acknowledge his sexuality. He's in denial, for some reason.
▼: BC: oh? is that so?
▲: LC: Yup! He and Wheatley obviously have got a thing.
▲: BS: No, we do NOT!
▼: BC: wait what!? wheats when were you gonna tell me?
▲: ID: Yes, that, uh, really... Jerry's right, I don't know why you always have to try to bring this up, because it is completely untrue, we are both straight, and he and I are not... no, no, not at all. Really! What even gave you this idea in the first place?
▲: ID: T-tell you what? If it's that I'm gay, or in a relationship with Jerry, or both, or — or whatever, no to all! Do not listen to Teddy, seriously, okay? Just, do, please, trust me on this one.
▼: BC: alright wheaty-buns calm down! i got you loud and clear.
▲: LC: Don't listen to either of them. They are persistent with their denial, and can easily fool you... but no. They are boyfriends. It is true. Trust me.
▲: LC: I mean, if you really see the two together, it is just SO obvious! That's how I realized it, come on, Wheatley.
▲: ID: When you see us together, I mean, that just seems to vague to me, like... what about it, you know? I mean, there's nothing, we're not even friends, and... even if we were friends, that wouldn't have to mean, like, we're in a, relationship, or, whatever.
▼: BC: ooh! robro drama. totally got inspiration for a new art piece!
▼: BC: im squirming in place im so excited.
▲: LC: Ooh, are you an artist, too? I draw fan art! Of my ships, usually! ...Like Jerry and Wheatley.
▲: LC: Anyway, exactly, you're not friends. You're more!
▲: BS: He worded that poorly. Allow me to correct him: We do not LIKE each other. At all.
▼: BC: why yes i actually paint a lot. and oh jerry, its all in good heart. teddy's only being a pal.
▲: BS: Seriously, being a "pal," you say? For one, we are not friends, anyway. Second, what about this could possibly be seen as friendly in any way? He's just trying to get on my nerves.
▼: BC: is that true teddy?
▲: LC: Is what exactly true, hon?
▼: BC: that you're just pestering jerry over there?
▼: BC: id like to think youre sweeter than that.
▲: LC: No, of course not! I'm really just trying to get him to be more accepting of himself. He's always so grumpy all the time because he's just frustrated and confused about his sexuality and feelings for Wheatley, I know it.
▲: (These characters are my babies. ;-; <3)
▼: (( oh my goodness, and precious babies they are c: ))
▲: (Thank you so much. :'D That means a lot to me, eek.)
▼: (( cutie UvU ))
▼: BC: see? hes got only your best interests at heart. or...motherboard...or whatever robros have?
▼: BC: as i fail at being culturally sensitive, geez...
▲: announcerSolider [AS] has entered the chat room
▲: AS: Greetings.
▲: BS: You know what, forget it. I am so done.
▼: BC: oh hey AS.
▼: BC: what? why's he done? what even?
▲: AS: Hello, Jela, as I have seen your name is from chat history. My name is Watson, so refer to me as that, if you will.
▲: (Ugh, the last one was supposed to be in gray, sorry. ;-Wink
▲: AS: Never mind. I just wash my hands of this... but oh, Watson. Hey.
▲: (And the last one was supposed to be by BS, not AS. ;A; Sorry!)
▼: (its okay, keepin track of multiple charas is hard stuff ))
▼: BC: oh yeah, sure no problem watson.
▼: BC: your name's so fancy.
▼: BC: classy's the word.
▲: (Sorry for the stupid question, but... is Jela a boy or girl? Dx)
▼: (( jela's a girl ))
▼: (( actually im rping myself ))
▼: (( hehe lame i know ))
▲: (Nah, that's fine! A friend of mine actually does that with my characters, too. Razz It can be fun. Is Jela your real name, then? o: It's unusual, but pretty.)
▼: (( thank you c: ))
▲: Ah, well... th-thank you, Miss Jela, assuming that was a compliment.
▲: (You're welcome. ^_^)
▼: BC: definitely a compliment.
▲: AS: I thank you again, then.
▲: ID: Oh, Watson, hello!
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PostSubject: Re: The General Chat Thread   Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:47 am

One of the coolest RPs I've ever done.

▲: All right, listen up. I don't have time for any stupid crap. I'm only on this because my roommate insisted that I "need a break," because I "work too hard." Yeah, whatever. This isn't exactly an ideal vacation to me, but he told me that I just have to try this place. I guess it might be okay as long as you don't act like some kind of moron. That's all I ask. Just thought I'd make that clear. First things first and such. Next, for an introduction, the name's Jerry. As of now, that's really all you need to know.
▼: ????????????????????
▲: What's the matter with you? Don't you know how to start up at least some sort of conversation, or even just give your name? I don't know, or care, anything works, I'm just supposed to converse with somebody in this place.
▼: YOU S33M CR4NKY >:[
▲: Well, I'm not exactly loving my position at the moment.
▼: 4NOTH3R F41R PO1NT!
▲: Why do you... type like that?
▲: Because I know proper grammar.
▼: SO DO 1
▼: B3C4US3 TH1S 1S 4 L11111TTL3 B1T MOR3 FUN
▲: Sounds pointless, but whatever keeps you floating in the toxic, I suppose.
▼: 1N TH3 TOX1C?
▼: TH3 TOX1C WH4T??
▲: Toxic goo. It's an expression, meaning that you can do whatever you please. Even if it's weird or stupid.
▼: 1T 1S 1NCR1D1BLY W31RD
▼: DO 1 G3T SUP3RPOW3RS OR SOM3TH1NG?????? >:O
▲: No, it doesn't mean that, it... Ugh, never mind. Have you ever heard, "whatever floats your boat?" I'm assuming you're human, if you don't know my version of the term, so you probably are more familiar with this one.
▼: WH4T3V3R
▲: You aren't human, then? Excuse my mistake, I suppose. You must just be young. Still living with Antoinette, I assume?
▼: WHO?
▲: ...What the hell are you?
▼: 4 TROLL?
▼: 1 M34N, L4ST 1 CH3CK3D, 4NYW4Y
▲: Well, last I checked, "trolls" were only creatures existing in human fairy tales.
▼: SURPR1S3!!!
▲: I don't believe this.
▲: Well, whatever. I don't really care. Where do you live, then?
▼: ON 4 ROCK
▲: Ha-ha, very funny. Seriously, asshole, what part of the WORLD do you live in?
▼: ... PR3S3NTLY?
▼: 1 DONT
▲: What the actual hell?
▼: TH3 ROCK 1S 1N SP4C3
▲: 'Ello! How's everything going, Jer, and who's this? Oh, and you, blue, uh, blue-texted one, or I guess kinda more teal, you know, other person, not Jerry, who types funny... you're in... space...?
▼: OOH WHOS TH1S?? >:O
▲: Hey, get off here and get back to work, Wheatley!
▼: WH34TL3Y? TH4T 1S 4 S1LLY N4M3
▲: Wheatley is a perfectly fine name!
▼: 4ND V3RY S1LLY!
▲: Well, uh, heh, he just said it, the name's Wheatley! Hi. Wait, what? No, Wheatley's a perfectly normal name! I mean, different, yeah, but... different's nice. It's — wait, why so defensive, Jer? My name, not yours. But anyway, Blue Text, what's your name, then? If mine's so silly. Which it's not, i-it's not so bad, it's nice, really. It's different in a good way. Unique.
▼: HOW BOUT TH4T >Razz
▲: Well, yeah, but it's different for me, since it's MY name and all. I mean, I just don't see why he should worry so much about — about, like, my name being offended. That's all. My name won't take offensive. I might, but... not my name. Anyway, though, I'm not too offended, it's fine, I personally think Terezi's a little odd-sounding, though. And I'm not just saying that because you didn't like mine or anything, no, no, not revenge! Like I said, I don't really mind, honest, I — I was being honest. I've just never heard Terezi before. And it's not necessarily a BAD unique, just not a... very good unique, either, in my opinion.
▲: I just think that Wheatley is a perfectly respectable name. That's all. And it's a hell of a lot better than "Terezi," Seriously, what the hell kind of a name is that?
▼: H3Y, WHO4
▲: And yes, he does talk a lot.
▲: ...W-watermelon? What? Oh, and yeah, about me talking a lot, yeah, kind of, sorry, but it's just a habit, really, sorry if it bothers you. But it's like... a part of my personality, it's like something I can't help, you know? Like, like I just can't stop, it's part of me, possibly a part of my programming, I just go on and on and on and I don't really think to stop and I don't really want to, either. I mean, why stop, what's wrong with talking a lot? It's nice, I like talking.
▼: S1GH
▼: GR33N?
▼: W4T3RM3LON GR33N??
▲: Oh. I'm "Watermelon," then, apparently? Please, save the weird nickname and just call me Jerry, thanks. But anyway, what are you talking about, now?
▲: Ouch! That's awful harsh, isn't it? Maybe... maybe a little too much so, if I'm honest. Might just be me, though, might just be... you know, my sort of thinking. Which might not be how everyone thinks, well, obviously, no one's gonna all think the same, eheh, but even most people might disagree. Who knows? But anyway, he's right, maybe, I think so, you were a tad insulting.
▼: >:/
▲: Hellooooooo there! <3
▼: HOW M4NY OF YOU 4R3 TH3R3????
▲: Oh no. Teddy, don't you have something ELSE that you could be doing right now?
▲: What exactly do you mean by "how many of you are there?" Like, could you elaborate a little bit? I — I mean, could be anything, like, how many robots, how many on here, or will come on here, or... what, what exactly?
▼: 4H J33Z
▲: You got a problem with that?
▼: 4 L1TTL3 B1T, Y3S
▲: Hi Jerry! <3 And no, I'm on a break right now, I... I think? I said to her, "Hey, Ms. Angela, could I have a break, pretty please with sugar on top?" And she was all like, "Yeah, sure, whatever, go away I'm busy," and I thought, gee, that was pretty generous of her, working so hard and letting me off a bit! And she was so insist about it, too. I just know she's really thinking of me. So anyway, as long as my break's still going on, which as far as I know, it is, then no, I've nothing better to do. But this might be fun! I love meeting new people. <3 So who is this?
▲: Oh, really now...? And what little problem do you have with robots, hmm? When have you even met one? I don't recall any trolls ever coming around here, and I've been in this place ever since its first robots were made.
▼: UH, W3LL
▲: Well, sorry about that, mate, the bad robot experience and all, but I mean, really, you can't just judge all of us by one. I mean, most humans are smelly, and rude, and lazy, but... I've met a few that were, you know, okay. For humans, at least. Sure, some robots are assholes, but a lot of us are just fine, we won't release any neurotoxin. And, uh, assuming I am... "Wheat Thin Blueberry Pie Guy," I can't say for sure, some will just come on in, I guess, who knows how many? But the more the merrier, I say. Well, mostly. Some I could... some I could be fine with them passing getting on. But if they're likable, fine by me! No problem with that, right? Oh, and by the way, please, just call me Wheatley. Not that your name isn't, ah... interesting... but it's a bit long and such, and I like Wheatley. As I've said already.
▲: Excuse me, I hope that this is not an intrusion.
▲: Ah, a-apologizes... I suppose I will leave, then. But please, understand that I didn't mean to be a bother.
▲: Hey, be nice to him.
▼: 1 W4SNT B31NG RUD3!! >:O
▲: He's not "intruding." Don't worry, Watson, you're fine.
▲: Watson, hey there! Don't worry about him, Ocean Blue Text Terezi — you seemed to like the names like that, kinda based off of text and stuff, so I made one for you too, there, hope you enjoy! Moving on, though, that's Watson, like Jerry said, and don't worry about him, really, he's super nice, you'll love him, no one wouldn't. Except... well, okay, that's not true, some people don't like him, plenty, actually, but ignore them, they're assholes.
▼: UH
▼: OK4Y?
▼: (G3T W1TH TH3 T1M3S DUD3 >;P)
▲: Oh, sorry, Blue Raspberry Terezi it is, then! Sounds like... like some sort of Wild West name. Like a criminal, ooh. WANTED: Blue Raspberry Terezi, Wheat Thin Blueberry Pie Guy Wheatley, and Watermelon Jerry. Absolutely terrifying. Not sure if Blue Raspberry quite fits, though. There's a bit of a greenish tint to your color, you know? You might use, I don't know... kiwi, maybe? Not quite blue enough, but a little more fitting than blue raspberry, I think. And kiwis seem interesting, always wanted to try a kiwi.
▼: K1W1S 4R3 W4Y TOO GR33N
▲: I don't know, though, blue raspberry tends to be a pretty bright blue, while kiwi is... not quite a lighter green, but not really darker green, either. Oh, or maybe you could be a Unripe Banana Terezi? That's sort of a very light green, maybe slightly blueish color, maybe. You can't quite get anything that really fits your text completely, but it's close, maybe, closer than a lot might be. And Unripe Banana Terezi, I've gotta say, sounds pretty blood intimidating. That is, if you want to be a Wild West criminal with us.
▼: ON3, B3C4US3, 3W, B4N4N4S, 4ND TWO, 1 DONT TH1NK TH3 L1F3 OF CR1M3 R34LLY SU1TS M3 4T 4LL
▲: What's with this "us" business? I never said that I was going to be a "Wild West criminal" with you, Wheatley. What you two are currently engaging in each other with at this moment is one of the most pointless conversations that I have ever heard, or in this case, read, and considering my age, that's saying a lot. Not to mention, your nicknames are childish and weird.
▲: All right, Watermelon Jerry, wanted for being a downer! But all right, if you don't want to be a criminal with me, that's fine, but it would be pretty tremendous, I think, loads of fun. I'm sure Teddy would be willing to give it a go with me, though, wouldn't you Te — er, on second thought...
▲: Oh, don't worry, Wheatley, of COURSE I'd love to! <3 I could be Super Sweet Strawberry Surprise Shampoo Teddy!
▲: I, uh, actually... I've decided that I'd rather be a... a town sheriff, Teddy. The nickname doesn't fit so much for a sheriff, but it'll do, I'm with Terezi, I'm not going to live a life of crime. I'll be good. Bring justice. You can... you can be Angela's little evil underling guy... thing. Oh, and about Jerry, yeah, he can be a bit of a downer sometimes, he's not so bad, though, once you get to know him.
▲: Yeah, shampoo! Because it smells nice. <3 But that sounds like a good idea, Wheatley. I just might do that! I'm sure that Angela would be simply THRILLED to take part in such an interesting-sounding role-play, especially with such a position. And we could fight crime together, and fall in love... SO romantic. Oh, oh, and then Jerry should be your deputy, and then you two could fall in love! Perfect! <3
▲: Yes, I agree completely, actually! Sorry Teddy, we — we don't have to go there, not... not this time. It was a complete disaster when you tried it in our last D&D game, remember? Yup, total disaster, didn't work out, no one liked it. No offence, of course, it wasn't YOUR fault, it just... didn't work out, is all, not as many people were interested in it as you.
▲: Aw... well, if I'm outvoted, okay. We can have our romances OUT of role-play! <3 That's even better.
▲: What's up, losers?
▲: EXCUSE you? I am Angela, and if I had to guess, I probably am your superior, so I'd shut your mouth right now unless you want me to drag you off to Her Majesty! Now that I've mentioned my name, and no matter your rank, now you probably feel MAJOR crippling shame and embarrassment for speaking so crudely to me. After all, who doesn't know and adore me?
▼: UH
▲: Yeah, show m'lady some more respect... and adoration... <3
▲: Teddy, it is uncomfortably hot in this room. If I was human, I'd be sweating right now. Get in here this instant and fan me. I'm just in my room.
▲: Anyway, what are YOU gawking at, Kiwi?
▼: UHHH???
▲: You're speechless to even be in my presence, I see. I'm honored, really. Sort of. You're probably of lowly rank, and you people are easily entertained. Still, though, at least you have good tastes in people. Some of your kind don't, so you're on your way, kid. I mean, you're better than some, like... oh, I don't know... Wheatley, for example.
▲: N-now, now, Angela, don't be rude, or — or try to start conflict, um, please...
▲: Sorry, uh, just... just ignore her, Blue Raspberry Terezi. She's a bit, um, well, not to insult my superior, but... she's a bit of an ass, if I'm honest. Very haughty. That'd be the word to describe her, I think, haughty, yes.
▲: Hey, moron, I'm right here!
▲: Um, Terezi, is it? I apologize for all of this, it... it must be very confusing to you, and perhaps a bit overwhelming. I apologize for any rudeness, too, or, well, anything else occurring here that you might find troubling, really. It's kind of my fault, as I really should be looking after them, and keeping them under control... I do hope that you will forgive me.
▲: Ah, of course. What do you need to be explained?
▼: 3V3RYTH1NG?????
▲: Ah, well... I suppose I ought to start at the beginning. There are many different theories as to how the world came into being. Some are religious, and believe in some sort of god, an all-powerful being, who created the world. One such belief tells that —
▲: I don't think that's what she meant, Watson. She wants to know what's going on HERE, not the entire history of the world.
▲: Oh! M-my apologies, then. In that case, you seem to be at a website where you are anonymously thrown into a chat with random individuals, whose identities also remain anonymous, only until they reveal themselves, if they choose to. You have met up with Jerry, a nanobot in the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center, who was followed by Wheatley, the Intelligence Dampening Sphere, Teddy, the Love Core, myself, the second-in-command here at Aperture, and most recently, Angela, leader of the core work crew. Do you have anymore questions?
▲: Oi, Watson, I am —
▲: Wheatley is NOT an "Intelligence Dampening Sphere." ...Nor am I "Watermelon Dude." Why can you not grasp the simple concept that I just want you to call me Jerry? It is my name, after all, jeez.
▲: I am not "possessive," nor is he... "Wheat Germ." I am merely stating facts. I don't like mistakes, so I correct them.
▲: It's true love! <3
▲: I strongly advise that you ignore him entirely.
▼: W1LL DO
▲: You have made an excellent choice.
▲: I... I apologize if I was offensive. I did not mean to be at all. I was merely stating what data banks generally list you as. Were your questions answered... Mr. Terezi?
▼: 1 4M 4 G1RL, NOT 4 BOY
▲: Ah, I — I'm very sorry, then!
▲: ...This entire time, I thought that you were a male.
▲: Oh, same! 0:
▲: Uh, y-yeah, I did, too, if... if I'm honest. Sorry about that, Terezi, just didn't know. Kinda hard to, to tell with a name like that, really.
▼: 4R3 YOU S4Y1NG 1 H4V3 4 M4NLY N4M3
▲: Actually, it's not really any actual name at all.
▼: 1T 1S TOO!!!
▼: 1T 1S M1N3?
▲: Well, yours, yeah, but none of us have heard it elsewhere, which is telling, and so its sex could be either. I guess it doesn't really sound too masculine or feminine, but you sort of act like...
▼: >:/
▲: I hope no one has offended you, MS. Terezi... I can assure you, no one meant to seem so.
▲: I could tell she was a chick. Because I'm better than you all. And I know a girl when I smell one.
▼: TH4NKS?
▲: You're welcome, I guess.
▲: (I've gotta go now. P: Thanks bunches for the role-play! And I hope you liked my babies. ^^Wink
▼: (( I was really confused at the beginning, oh man. Like dang, I barely caught the Portal ref?? I thought you were just some confused non-Homestuck, pfff ))
▲: (Ha, no, I've read some Homestuck. xD I'm not too far yet, though. And I will admit, I've come across some spoilers. Oops. It's inevitable at Tumblr. =P You're into Portal, then?)
▼: (( I have a serious addiction ))
▲: (Same heeeere. 8D It's kind of my obsession, ehehe.)
▼: (( It's my go-to stressful-day-game. Chills me out almost instantly, ugh. A++ ))
▲: (Portal can always cheer me up. Sometimes, it's the only thing that can. ;u; Even if it's just watching videos as opposed to playing it myself. I don't get to play it as much as I might like, unfortunately, because it only works on my brother's computer, and he's gone off now, only visiting on some weekends. Anyway, I really gotta go now. Bye!)
▼: (( Farewelllll uvu ))
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The General Chat Thread
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